6 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy INFOGRAPHIC

6 elements social media strategy by maria peagler

6 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy View more presentations from mariapeagler Small business owners:  here’s a slick way to keep your online marketing campaign on track:  watch this quick presentation on my 6 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy to keep you and your staff on track.  No matter where you are in your [...]

Creating YouTube Videos for Your Small Business

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Chances are if you’re a small business owner, high-priced commercials are out of the question.  Lucky you!  In today’s age of social media, commercials aren’t nearly as effective as a DIY YouTube video.  Who, me?  Yes, you.  You don’t have to be a video pro to create an authentic video that showcases your business. How [...]

15 Strategies to Use Video to Differentiate Your Business

How are you using social media to stand out from your competition?  Have you effectively differentiated yourself, especially on social networks?  The challenge in using any social media channel is you’re playing by their rules:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other major players want a consistent look and feel for their users, but the result [...]

10 Ways to Be Comfortable on Camera

Video is a terrific medium for business professionals to show the human side of their brand.  However, many of my clients are hesitant to go on camera, no matter how fabulous their company is.  They are highly uncomfortable with the idea of putting themselves on a YouTube video for the world to see. If you’ve [...]

5 Ways to Gain Fans by Customizing Your Facebook Business Page

Having a Facebook business page isn’t enough, even for a small business:  you need to give it a custom look to really get results.  Why?  First impressions mean everything, especially online, where people’s attention spans are easily diverted by cute YouTube videos, Farmville, or the latest quiz on your friends.  You need to grab people’s [...]

6 Blogging Best Practices for Small Business Owners . . . and Everyone Else

Small business owners need to understand blogging best practices to be effective.  If you want consumers to subscribe to your blog and keep them reading,  give them great content on a regular basis. Once you’re ready to get started, or even if you’ve been blogging for a while, here is my advice on having the [...]

Social Media Workshop: Feb. 23 in Pickens County

Small business owners:  if you’ve thought about getting into social media but were unsure where to start, here’s your chance.  I’m teaching a full-day Social Media Strategy for Your Small Business workshop on Wed., Feb. 23, at the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce.  What’s different about this workshop is I show you, step-by-step, how to [...]

Lessons from KSU’s Social Media Integration Conference

I attended Kennesaw State University’s Social Media Integration conference, hosted by their Center for Sustainable Journalism.  What a weekend!  The best and the brightest in social media attended, presented, and networked, and it was a gold mine of ideas, case studies, and results.  Here are my favorite lessons from this weekend: Nothing beats face-to-face interaction.  [...]