6 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy INFOGRAPHIC

6 elements social media strategy by maria peagler

6 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy View more presentations from mariapeagler Small business owners:  here’s a slick way to keep your online marketing campaign on track:  watch this quick presentation on my 6 Elements of Your Social Media Strategy to keep you and your staff on track.  No matter where you are in your [...]

Creating YouTube Videos for Your Small Business

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Chances are if you’re a small business owner, high-priced commercials are out of the question.  Lucky you!  In today’s age of social media, commercials aren’t nearly as effective as a DIY YouTube video.  Who, me?  Yes, you.  You don’t have to be a video pro to create an authentic video that showcases your business. How [...]

15 Strategies to Use Video to Differentiate Your Business

How are you using social media to stand out from your competition?  Have you effectively differentiated yourself, especially on social networks?  The challenge in using any social media channel is you’re playing by their rules:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other major players want a consistent look and feel for their users, but the result [...]

Promoting Your Facebook Business Page

Congratulations!  If you’ve been following my month-long series on Building a Facebook Business Page for Your Small Business, you’ve developed a fantastic presence in the largest social network on the planet.  Now how do you promote it?  What’s the secret sauce recipe to get people to visit your page and Like it so you can [...]

Small Business Marketing Using Facebook

Facebook Word of Mouth Marketing

Entrenpreneurs are turning in droves to Facebook for their small business marketing.  Why Facebook and why now?  Businesses overall, and especially start-ups and other small businesses with lean marketing budgets are transitioning from expensive print advertising that shows little ROI and trending toward online marketing, where their efforts drive SEO, increase visits to their websites, [...]

6 Strategies for Marketing Your Business on a Blog

Great – you’ve started a blog for your business!  Now what?  Think of your blog as the hub of your Social News Network, allowing you to reach customers worldwide.  What you want to tell them?  If you did a television commercial, what would it include?  What do you emphasize in your print ads?  If you [...]