Promoting Your Facebook Business Page

Congratulations!  If you’ve been following my month-long series on Building a Facebook Business Page for Your Small Business, you’ve developed a fantastic presence in the largest social network on the planet.  Now how do you promote it?  What’s the secret sauce recipe to get people to visit your page and Like it so you can [...]

5 Ways to Gain Fans by Customizing Your Facebook Business Page

Having a Facebook business page isn’t enough, even for a small business:  you need to give it a custom look to really get results.  Why?  First impressions mean everything, especially online, where people’s attention spans are easily diverted by cute YouTube videos, Farmville, or the latest quiz on your friends.  You need to grab people’s [...]

Your Ultimate Guide to Facebook Business Pages vs. Personal Profiles

My students over at have a lot of confusion and fear over the differences between a Facebook business page and a personal profile.  So, a primer on business page basics is in order.  Here’s the what-you-need-to-know guide before you start: Everything begins with a personal profile. Even if all you want is a business [...]